New Momentum of Imaging

HERA W10, the premier model of the HERA platform, will help you get more insight in diagnosis with its intuitive visualizations,
precise analytic features, and instant operation. It is our commitment for Obstetrics and Gynecology applications to support
for life-long healthcare of women, diligently pursuing for new possibilities in ultrasound diagnosis.

Samsung’s commitment to supporting confident decision making

Beyond Experience™, an integrated solution engineered to offer medical professionals a new and outstanding experience in diagnosis,
delivers enriched views, advanced intelligence, and streamlined workflow.
All of this combines to enable patient-centered care.

A Revolutionary Change in Advanced Diagnostics
RS85 Prestige

RS85 Prestige has been revolutionized with novel diagnostic features across each application based on the preeminent imaging performance.
The advanced intellectual technologies are to help you confirm with confidence for challenging cases, while the easy-to-use system supports your effort involved in the routine scanning.

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